What We Do

Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing and power washing are relatively easy to explain. They are basically one in the same, just pronounced differently by different people. They both have the same meaning. As a general term used for cleaning an exterior object with water, the term is used in a broad range. There are many different ways to pressure wash an object, and these different ways are what separate the fly by night companies, and the true professionals. Most surfaces need to be soft washed, rather than pressure washed, and this is why most amateurs damage property on a regular basis. Soft Washing is cleaning an object using less than 1,000 psi.

A fly by night company will have your average pressure washer, bought from a department store that has only one power setting. Unfortunately, that power setting is on high, which will damage most surfaces. A professional pressure washing company like Woodlands Power Washing, has the ability to soft wash surfaces to prevent damage from occurring.

Services We Provide

Below are a few services we at Woodlands Power Washing provide. To see other services, please continue to the Services page of this website.

House & Building Washing

Having your property cleaned annually will not only keep your property looking good but will also be a safer environment for you and your family.

Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your gutters clean will allow water to drain properly from your roof during rainstorms, also keeping critters from living in them.

Roof Cleaning

Black Streaks & green mold on your roof look horrible. This is actually an algae growth called gloeocapsa magma. It can destroy your roof shingles if left untreated.

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete cleaning is an art in itself that only a few can master. We at Woodlands Power Washing have taken the time to research and analyze the proper ways to clean concrete so the results last a long time.

Window Washing

Woodlands Power Washing is your full service exterior window washing and window cleaning company. Single pane windows, double pane windows, to storm windows, we clean them all.

Soft Washing

Soft wash pressure washing is a cleaning procedure using chemicals and small amounts of pressure that is used to clean sensitive surfaces.