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The Woodlands Area Concrete Pressure Washing

Concrete cleaning service is an art in itself that only a few can master. We at Woodlands Power Washing have taken the time to research and analyze the proper ways to clean concrete, so the results last much longer than some of the other so-called pressure washing companies.

Oil and rust stains are two of the hardest elements to remove from concrete. Once they enter the pores of the concrete, it is almost impossible to eradicate all of the stains. With the experience of Woodlands Power Washing, we have learned which products work well and which do not. Depend on us to remove those stubborn stains instead of wasting all your hard-earned money on products that fail to get the result.

Concrete cleaning services and pressure washing are performed daily by Woodlands Power Washing. We perform this function on concrete primarily by using what we call our “Surface Cleaner”. Our concrete cleaning machine can cover a larger area at a faster rate and cleans more accurately than the typical wand or spray gun cleaning. Using a surface cleaner helps us get jobs done quickly and efficiently. Instead of performing driveway cleaning in 3 hours, it takes more than 1 hour.

After performing your concrete and brick cleaning, we spray them with what we call our “Concrete Cleaning Formula”. This unique formula will stop any new algae, mold, or moss from forming, acting as a preventative while also killing off any algae, mold, or mildew that typical pressure washing doesn’t remove. This, in turn, will keep your concrete clean for much longer. We also use this technique for brick pavers, natural stone surfaces, and other paved surfaces.

Do you have tile, brick pavers, cool decking, or even travertine on your walkways, pool decks, or porches? Not to worry! Woodlands Power Washing is a company that takes the time and knows how to perform cleaning for these sensitive materials correctly.

With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, Woodlands Power Washing is the company to depend on for all your exterior cleaning needs!

Best Concrete Cleaning in The Woodlands

Decks, Driveways, Sidewalks, and More!

Concrete-Cleaning-Before-After, Woodlands Power Washing employs specialized equipment to clean brick and concrete surfaces fast and uniformly. Make significant aesthetic changes to your driveway and walkway. Concrete sidewalks and driveways may get incredibly filthy and discolored despite relatively low maintenance. Acid rain, wetness, high temperatures, salt, and snow, are a few factors that make cleaning concrete driveways necessary.

We Clean Pavers Too!

We understand that investing in pavers may be costly at Woodlands Power Washing. Because of this, we also provide excellent paver cleaning services. Due to their extreme susceptibility to the environment, pavers can easily get damaged and worn with improper upkeep. Your pavers will be cleaned with the same high-quality equipment we use to clean concrete.

Concrete Cleaning

Woodlands Power Washing’s concrete cleaning service may significantly enhance the appearance of your concrete driveway and concrete walkway by using particularly built equipment to rapidly and uniformly clean concrete and brick surfaces. You can shield the concrete from the elements and create a barrier that prevents even oil from penetrating with our unique, lifetime concrete sealers that penetrate your existing concrete. Woodlands Power Washing can satisfy your demands for cleaning concrete driveways and sealing unclean areas.

Paver Cleaning & Sealing Services

Pavers are distinctive and lovely and increase the value of your house. Your paver stones will survive for many generations if kept properly. Routine cleaning and sealing are the secrets to extending the life and increasing the appearance of pavers. The best paver cleaning chemicals are available from Woodlands Power Washing, and we also supply Seal n’ Lock, the industry leader in paver sealing. We specialize in polishing and sealing travertine, old Woodland-style pavers, and concrete. We are a locally-owned business with full insurance, and all estimates are free! Give your paver stones an invisible defense that will endure… Call us right away!

Concrete Cleaning