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Pressure Washing for Bricks, Pavers, & Natural Stone Surfaces

In most circumstances, Exterior brick cleaning is a very straightforward procedure. The majority of bricks, like concrete, can tolerate greater pressures, which makes it simpler to remove contaminants like mold, algae, and other substances. We also offer mild washing techniques for cleaning bricks because certain bricks are delicate.
Efflorescence may be the cause of bricks that have a white, powdery appearance. Typically, efflorescence is brought on by a sprinkler system repeatedly showering masonry with water. For us to know what approach to take to make your property attractive, we give a free estimate and appraisal of your property beautiful.

Pressure and Power Washing
Brick Cleaning

Process of Our Exterior Brick Cleaning Services

The Woodlands Power Washing will clean the brick on the building using man lifts, hot water pressure washers, professional grade environmentally friendly soaps, and detergents, and our proven low-pressure cleaning system to remove Gloeocaspa magma, mold, mildew, hydrocarbons, pollen, and surface dirt. We developed this process over the years to ensure the best results by providing superior quality exterior brick cleaning services in Woodlands.

  • Find outside water sources throughout the facility to replenish our tanks.
  • As appropriate, use caution tape to restrict the work area.
  • Wet down the building’s exterior and any neighboring areas with water, and cover plants with waterproof tarps as needed.
  • Use biodegradable cleansers to pre-treat discolored surfaces.
  • As needed, use specialized brick-cleaning chemicals on surfaces.
  • Clean the remaining surfaces using biodegradable soaps and detergents.
  • Wipe down all surfaces.
  • A final rinse of the buildings using our SoSoft water conditioner and a water softener to remove window streaks.
  • Remove tarps and wash plants and surfaces near the work area.
  • Inspect the building for quality assurance and clean up the area thoroughly.

We have a very thorough procedure for exterior brick cleaning that will get rid of any surface grime, mold, or mildew. However, certain stains may have permeated the surface and may not totally come clean or they may leave a shadow behind regardless of the brick cleaning techniques we apply. The building owners